Saturday, August 2, 2008


Ok. I guess now that I have a new computer with a screen four times the size of my laptop (the computer I originally used to run all of my business), I can much more easily edit photos and enjoy the process so much more. It feels like I've been drinking through a straw my entire life and then suddenly I'm given a fire hose. It's pleasantly overwhelming. Here are some old photos you'll recognize. With the the amazing power of photoshop on an extremely fast machine, these results are seen instantly and are very effective. I remind myself once again that I am involved in one of the most rewarding professions in the world.


Melissa said...

These pictures are incredible! Props on your photoshop skills. Ne advice for an aspiring photographer? Care to share on how you learned to edit these?? Again, amazing pictures! Keep it up!

-Melissa Folks
Folks Photography

Bethany said...

hey my friend thinks that she knows the girl in the pics. whats her name? i love jar -bethany